Your food choices have a profound impact on your health, and even small changes in your diet can make big changes in your life. We offer holistic nutrition services customized to fit your specific life circumstances and needs.

Nutrition Can Help With:

        Chronic illness management                                                    Gastrointestinal or digestive disorders 

        Autoimmune disorders                                                                Conception, pregnancy & lactation

        Fitness goals                                                                                      Optimum wellness for all life stages, from baby to elderly

        Energy levels, maintaining youth and wellbeing 

Nutrition Services:

New Patient Transformation Package (3-60 minute visits): Includes a comprehensive consultation, diet analysis, functional lab testing (as needed, may require additional payment) optional body scan (offsite), and a customized protocol that addresses nutrition, supplement use, and lifestyle support. 

One-time Comprehensive Consultation (1-90 minute visit): For those that just need a little help reaching their goal. This service is not available to anyone with a chronic condition or those who require significant nutrition help. 

Add-on 45-minute sessions: For continued care after the initial consultation/package

Add-on 3-15 minute phone session package: For accountability after initial consultation/package

Not sure if nutrition is right for you? Book a free 15-minute discovery call and talk directly with Lindsey about your needs. 

Why Nutrition?

Did you know that an estimated 95% of all chronic illnesses and diseases can be attributed to external causes, namely; diet, environmental factors and lifestyle? That also means that 95% of all illnesses and diseases can be prevented and, in some cases, reversed. But it’s not easy to navigate all of the noise, and rarely do fad diets produce sustainable results. If you’re ready for a custom approach that includes thorough education so that you can achieve and maintain wellness for life, then book your nutrition consultation today! 

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