Meet Our Team

Our team has over 40 years of combined healthcare experience. We provide an environment of comfort and extraordinary care to each individual. It is our deepest desire to help you maintain health and wellness so that you live a fulfilled, joyful life.

Christine Harms DNP, FNP-BC

Dr. Christine has over 20 years of healthcare experience and holds a doctorate in nursing. She believes in root cause healing and prevention. Her knowledge and training in modern medicine allow her to individually guide each person to optimal wellness through a combination of modalities. She believes in focusing on full body healing and not just symptom management. Her goal is to educate you on complementary treatments that support your lifestyle. 

Kaycee Timken, AG-ACNP-BC

Kaycee is a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.   She has over 20 years’ experience in patient care.  She is passionate about encouraging individuals and families to thrive and live balanced healthy lives.  Kaycee believes that the body is made to heal itself when given the right tools.  IV therapy is just one of many ways you can maintain adequate health and wellness, boost your immune system, performance and recovery, rehydrate, or simply restore depleted vitamins.  Her goal is to partner with you to determine root causes for imbalance and optimal path to wellness.

Lindsey Cooke, Nutrition Therapist

Lindsey is a Certified Nutrition Therapist. She believes that our food and lifestyle choices hold the key to unlocking a vibrant, happy and disease-free life. Lindsey believes in a holistic approach that encompasses total mind-body wellness. She works with her patients to uncover the root cause of ailments and understands the importance of providing realistic, attainable step-by-step solutions. Lindsey is passionate about nutrition education for all ages and across various life-stages and circumstances; from nutrition for reaching optimal fitness, coping with disease, and even nutrition for fertility and conception.

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